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Getting Results

In my first session, we lowered taxes on hark working Arkansans and small businesses.  We eliminated 25% government red tape and consolidated government bureaucracy.  We passed stringent ethics laws to crack down on bad operators and we are auditing agencies to make sure we get the most efficient and effective government.

We increased teacher's pay.   I passed legislation to give our local leaders more tools to bring business and events to our home town.

I fought to obstacles for veterans so they can take advantage of the job skills they learned in the service when they get back home.  I've worked to give those who have made mistakes an easier path to work, instead of getting trapped in a revolving prison door.

I know you expect results and I will continue to deliver results.  Join my re-election team today and lets work together to make sure every Arkansan has the opportunity to live their best life!  

Senator Trent Garner with Union Co. 4-H
Trent Garner with U.S. Senator Tom Cotton
Trent Garner with Governor Asa Hutchinson
Trent Garner wth El Dorado Boy Scout Troup

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